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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?

We will accept anyone that is willing to drive to our fixed location in Bixby. Our most common clients come from Bixby, Tulsa, Jenks or Broken Arrow.

Do you offer mobile detailing?

At this time, we do not offer mobile services. We only serve clients at our fixed location in South Bixby.

Do you clean up accidents, such as vomit or blood?

At this time, we do not do cleanup of any bodily fluids, such as vomit, blood, feces, etc. Should we come across any of this that was not disclosed prior to the detail, the service may be terminated, depedning on the location of the fluid.

What is a "Paint Enhancement"?

The Paint Enhancement service that we offer is a process of removing all contaminants from your cars clear coat (via mechanical and chemical decontamination) and using a single step polish on a machine polisher to remove light to moderate paint defects. This is accomplished by removing (polishing) away a very thin layer of the clear coat. We use a paint thickness gauge that measures the thickness of the clear coat before polishing to ensure there is enough cleat coat to remove without reaching the paint itself. The paint defects that will be removed include but are not limited to: clear coat hazing, light/moderate scratches and swirl marks. Deeper scratches will not be removed completely with this service, but their appearance may be lessened. General rule of thumb, if you can feel the scratch with your finger nail, that scratch cannot be fixed with any type of paint correction as it is through the clear coat. 

What products do you use?

We use a variety of products from a several different manufacturers, as there is not a single perfect manufacturer that makes the best of every product. We are constantly trying new products to ensure we are providing with our clients with the best products available. Some brands we use are Gtechniq, Gyeon, Sonax, Carbon Collective and more.

Why should I utilize a detailer instead of going to the car wash?

There are numerous reasons. The automatic car washes have to use very harsh chemicals to try and get your car clean within the few minutes you're inside the car wash. The touch washes also use very stiff (usually either rubber or nylon) bristles to agiate the chemicals on your car. Along with them being stiff, they are never cleaned properly so whatever dirt was on the car in front of you, that dirt is now on the bristles that are being dragged on your paint. It may be more convienent to go to an automatic car wash but they are terrible for your paint. Extended use of automatic car washes can cause several things including, but not limited to: swirl marks, clear coat fading/hazing, scratches, rock chips or even damaging mirrors or wiper arms. A proper detailer will know what products are/are not safe to use on your vehicle and will produce a much more thorough clean without causing any damage.

Any other questions that are not listed here? Reach out to us and we'll answer any questions you may have!

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